That Lost Girl.

Insomnia struck. Depressed. Wet pillows. 2 AM Tears. 12 AM Wandering minds. Red, sleep deprived, baggy eyes. She's drowning. Mind's a wreck. All Alone. She sits on her bed. Staring at the walls. Screaming in the inside. Screeching her heart out. Those awful thoughts. Restless. Lost. Stained wrists. She whispered "I'm Fine". - ummuzwriteups Any... Continue Reading →


What are you?

Oh! yes I'm fat and ugly, So tell me, What are you inside? The depressed? Or the lonely human? Or maybe the recently broke up human? What are you? The lost soul is it? The mentally abused? Screaming on the inside? Oh! yes the physically abused and physique is all you care about. Listen up!... Continue Reading →

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A Thinking Star

Life is short. Hug your friends. Pat strangers on the back. Tickle a tree



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Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Anish Oza