The time I started a blog.

It has been years since I wanted to start writing a blog. Although I had no idea what writing a blog really was. And I didn't even bother about starting one because either I was too busy or I was too lazy. But then somehow things changed and all the busy-mode ended and boring-mode started... Continue Reading →


The things I do these days.

So this is the jobless-version of me writing about the things I do everyday (Because I'm bored!!Duh!) and here it goes. Switching between Whatsapp ( Texting husband ), Instagram ( since there's a lot of happenings in my stories ), Facebook ( For videos basically also you'll get to know if someone is engaged or married... Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Letters.

Hand written letters, love letters, little notes I don't see them anymore. Is the art of writing letters lost? Oh no! Take me back in time. I want to go back and write a letter to my beloved and it should smell roses and should have one in it. Though it will perish and dry... Continue Reading →

Trust the vibes.

Ever had that feeling of  "Oh! Where have you been all my life?" That is the moment you instantly 'click' with someone. And you'd never ever want to let them go. All of a sudden you're most comfortable with them and you don't have to put on that mask of yours. You can be yourself... Continue Reading →

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