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Ummu Kulzu. Well ‘Ummu’. Just a woman running in her 20’s, from Kerala, often lost in a world of colors and galaxies and stars. If I can make you smile or ignite in you a spark of inspiration, then my job here is done.


I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for about years. Yes, Years. Though I was busy with studies and college. Where after college, worked for about 8 months in an IT Company as a junior Android Developer. I never loved my job. I HATED it. It was the typical sitting-in-front-of-the-computer from 9 to 6, coding shit. Duh! hectic it was.

That was when marriage happened, on the 26th of February, 2017. Got married to this beautiful human and I resigned from that hectic job. And here I am doing what I love. Which is a list of writing, painting, reading, movies, music, youtube videos, tv series and so it goes. Since after school and college and every mess in life. This few months happened to be solely devoted to doing things I love ( P.S. Since unemployed. Also too lazy to be employed. Also hunting for a job at the same time. )

Here I hope to unleash my creative screaming-out-loud-while-in-the-crowd demons as I am pretty much of a least comfortable person when in the middle of strangers. Sharing a bit of poetry, quotes, writeups, experiences, and everything between life and death.

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