The time I started a blog.

It has been years since I wanted to start writing a blog. Although I had no idea what writing a blog really was. And I didn’t even bother about starting one because either I was too busy or I was too lazy. But then somehow things changed and all the busy-mode ended and boring-mode started and I got too involved in the internet-world.

And here I am when one fine evening procrastination did not hit me. And so I started writing and somehow managed to post 5-6 blogs ( but I got a 99 drafts saved which I’m never going to finish. Ever! ).

Writing my first ever blog was hectic. I was pretty much worried about the “what-do-others-think” and “its-so-dumb-and-useless” thoughts. Also worried about my writing style, the language and if the people reading this wont understand a word. I start writing and after two lines I’d decide to quit. I write delete write delete and not talking about the pending ones saved as drafts. It was crazy, I didn’t know what to write about and somehow I did.  And moreover is actually anyone reading this really? I doubt. And it happens.

The only way to get people reading this stuff is by sharing and at times sharing would seem as if I am too desperate for likes and comments. But the thing is not notifications ( but every like and comment goes by me having a thank-you-smile on my face as for atleast you’ve passed by my blog ). But no, not really, but the kind of happiness that I feel deep inside once I write something and post. I get this feeling of “Yes! I did something”. Though whenever I talk about my blog to people who are close enough, they go like ‘ninak vatta’ which is I am crazy. I didn’t bother explaining to them why because they never get it. But I love to write. I always did, though there is this writers block thing with me. I have this huge number of different topics, its a chaos in my mind. I really have no idea where to start and I struggle to put my thoughts into words and frame them together so as to make sense.

Because someone will read.

Someone is reading. Oh! Hey there! Hope you’re doing well today 🙂



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