The things I do these days.

So this is the jobless-version of me writing about the things I do everyday (Because I’m bored!!Duh!) and here it goes.

  • Switching between Whatsapp ( Texting husband ), Instagram ( since there’s a lot of happenings in my stories ), Facebook ( For videos basically also you’ll get to know if someone is engaged or married ), Youtube ( For videos not in facebook ) for hours.
  • Watching TV Series ( Currently Game Of Thrones, Suits, Sherlock Holmes.. )
  • Drawing/Painting ( This. I love. )
  • Imagining myself in situations that are never really gonna happen ( I’m in Paris already )
  • Watching TV ( Just some lame stuff )
  • Eating ( Food is love )
  • Also cooking these days ( I made prawns with butter-garlic sauce 😛 )
  • Stalking people on Instagram ( This is why I use instagram. JK! )
  • Screenshoting ( Hot people, quotes, sarcastic stuff, GoT memes, other memes, and other stuff  – which i never care to even look )
  • Writing a blog and saving it as draft and never bothering to finish it ( about 99 drafts as of now )
  • Talking to myself ( not loud enough anyway )
  • Crying ( for no specific reason – well this happens only when its that time of the month )
  • Thinking ( everyone gets lost thoughts right )
  • Movies ( Yessss! )
  • Talking to whoever is with me at the moment

So that is all as of what I remember.

*Successfully clicked the post button instead of saving as a draft*


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