From A Non-Resident Indian To The Residing Indians

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Things we need to make clear to you guys:

1) I want to clear out the first misconception you have of us. NOT ALL OF US ARE RICH. You guys need to stop equating “living abroad” to being rich. Your definition of what’s costly applies to us too in several cases. In fact, I know of people settled in India willing to pay extravagant prices while they shop while there are so many of us NRI’s who’d rather go shop in one of those road-side bazaars where they sell reasonably priced things.

Think about it for a second. Why would we be studying here? Sure, a large number of Indian parents send their kids back to India in hopes they’d become “street smart” and shed some of their “spoilt attitude”. The main reason for a huge number of them to send their child back home is because the cost of…

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